Studio Pranayama

#reclaimyourhotness #kickasana

Real people, real yoga! Smash the sterotypes!

#reclaimyourhotness and #kickasana is a campaign about finding a comfortable space to inhabit inside of your own skin. It’s about expanding and redefining the boundaries about what a yoga body is. To raise awareness of and to celebrate the innate beauty that resides in everyBODY. Building strong, healthy and flexible bodies and minds. Challenging stereotypes and realizing that yoga can be for anyone and everyone. Meeting, learning, growing and accepting yourself through the practice to see yourself with loving kindness and to see others through the same lens.

Yogis, roll out your mat and kick some asana to reclaim your hotness. Take a picture of yourself doing a yoga posture and tag #kickasana #reclaimyourhotness @bikramyogagbg. Post on Facebook, Instragram, and/or Twitter. Go out and get snapping.

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