Studio Pranayama


Why is the room heated?

The yoga room is intentionally heated to 40 degrees C with 40% humidity. Yoga changes the construction of the body from the inside out, from bones to skin and from fingertips to toes. So before you change it, you have to heat it up to soften it, because a warm body is a flexible body. Then you can reshape the body any way you want. Practicing yoga in the heat facilitates deeper and safer stretching, helping to minimize the risk of injuries. The room is kept at this temperature for the following reasons:

  • Keeping the body from overheating (contrary to popular misconception).
  • Protecting the muscles to allow for deeper stretching.
  • Detoxifying the body (open pores to let toxins out).
  • Thinning the blood to clear the circulatory system.
  • Increasing heart rate for better cardiovascular workout.
  • Improving strength by putting muscle tissue in optimal state for reorganization.

Hatha Yoga flushes away the waste products, the toxins of all the glands and organs of your body. It provides a natural irrigation of the body through the circulatory system, with the help of the respiratory system. It brings nourishments to every cell of your body so that each one can perform its function and keep your body healthy. Bikram Yoga also employs heat to further that cleaning process: When you sweat, impurities are flushed out of the body through the skin.

Is Bikram Yoga for me?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I need to lose weight?
  • Am I stressed out?
  • Do I get tension headaches?
  • Is my cholesterol level too high?
  • Do I have an injury that just won’t seem to heal?
  • Has my doctor told me I need to get some form of exercise?
  • Do I have lower back pain? Or any back pain?
  • Would I like to improve my running, golf game, marathon or triathlon?
  • Do I need a boost in energy?
  • Am I tired easily?
  • Do I sit at a computer for long period of time?
  • Do I have carpal tunnel syndrome?
  • Do I have arthritis?
  • Does my current fitness program not deliver the result I want?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, then Bikram Yoga is for you!

What are the benefits?

With regular practice you will enjoy numerous benefits including: improved strength, flexibility and balance, tones muscles, improves immune system, reduces stress, increases lung capacity, increases bone density, aids digestive & circulatory systems, flushes lymphatic system, promotes relaxation and a sense of well-being.

Why do I feel dizzy, nauseous and lightheaded during the class?

The most common cause is dehydration; too much tea, coffee and alcohol will further dehydrate your body. Drinking plenty of fluid throughout the day will help make your class easier. If you hold your breath, you will also feel dizzy. Make sure to breathe THE WHOLE TIME!! Sometimes, toxins that built up in your system will contribute to the uneasy feeling during the class as they work their way out of your body.

What time should I arrive at the studio?

First timers should arrive 30 minutes early and bring a large towel, yoga mat, bottle of water, and change of clothes (water, yoga mats and towels are also available at the studio). Wear light, breathable clothes to practice in. Fitted spandex type clothing offers more comfort and ease of movement during the practice. Classes are 90-minutes and latecomers are not admitted. Avoid eating 2-3 hours prior to class and be sure you are well hydrated. Be prepared to work and have fun!

How often should I come?

Come as often as you can. To see maximum benefits from Bikram Yoga, a regular practice of 3 to 4 times per week or at least 10 times a month is suggested. The more you do it, the quicker you will see the results! Bikram recommends that in the beginning to do class every day for two months until you are performing all but the very difficult poses such as the Standing Bow Pulling and Stretching Pose eighty percent correctly. If you are restricted by any medical condition or have any chronic disease, you should continue daily until your condition is resolved.

What if I’m not flexible?

Perfect! This yoga is for you! This is the most common misconception that prevents people from coming to yoga classes. Yoga is not about how flexible you are; it’s about stretching your body and spine to develop and increase your flexibility. The more inflexible you are the more reason you have to try yoga! Your flexibility will evolve and improve with your practice. Naturally, the more dedicated your practice the quicker your flexibility will improve.

Can I lose weight doing Bikram Yoga?

Results vary depending on your condition. A minimum of 10 classes per month is recommended to get the benefits of Bikram Yoga, among which is weight normalization. As a beginner, it takes about 3 classes for your body to understand the proper approach to the postures and ten classes for your body to begin to work with postures. You will realize optimization of all your body systems. Digestion and respiration, as well as endocrine, lymphatic and elimination systems will begin to work harmoniously.

Your appetite will normalize and unhealthy cravings will diminish. All of these results will help to normalize your weight if you devote yourself to regular practice at least, but preferably more than, 3 times per week. With regular and consistent practice, you can simultaneously tone muscle mass and lose inches. The result will be an overall slimming of the body and a proper distribution of body weight.

What if I have injuries or illnesses?

Please inform the teacher if you have had surgery or have any conditions or illnesses. You will most likely be able to practice, but the teacher must be aware so that he or she can help you with specific postures.

Can it help my asthma/emphysema?

Without knowing the cause of your asthma, we can tell you that Bikram Yoga will be good for you in several ways. It is done in a warm room which promotes relaxation of the muscles and nerves, and is the type of exercise that you can do with as little or as much intensity as appropriate for your needs.

In other words, you can do each posture with less effort if you’re concerned about overexertion triggering an attack, or you can sit down and rest whenever you need to during the class. It will relax your mind and help let go of tensions, toxins and negativity. It also strengthens your heart and lungs, improving your lung function. You will breathe easier and deeper than you ever have before.

What if I have high blood pressure?

Unstable high blood pressure responds so quickly to diligent Yoga practice that doctors sometimes doubt their instruments. (This quick response of the blood pressure is one of the most telling demonstrations of Yoga’s ability to regulate and synchronize body systems.) If you are tested about a week after starting Yoga, you may see a slight rise in pressure. Don’t be alarmed. By the second week, that pressure will be normal or close to normal and will stay there as long as you maintain your yoga regimen.

What if I am pregnant?

Please inform the teacher if you are pregnant. If you have never done Bikram Yoga before we do not recommend that you start when you are pregnant. We sell a Pregnancy DVD that you can purchase at the studio. We recommend that you wait until after your first trimester to start the modified sequence. If you have been practicing regularly before you became pregnant, you can practice the yoga during your first trimester and then follow the pregnancy DVD throughout the remainder of your pregnancy. Please consult your doctor before performing Bikram Yoga when pregnant. Keep in mind that Bikram Yoga is an excellent way to get back into shape postpartum.

Can children practice Bikram Yoga as well?

Yes, children are welcome to practice at the studio. However, because their sweat glands are not yet fully developed, it is recommended that they only do half the class. They should stay closer to the door and join the class for the floor series. Those aged 13 and over are welcome to try the full 90-minute class.

For anyone wishing to practice and is under the age of 18, we will require a signed note from their parent/guardian providing consent to attend classes at our studio.