Studio Pranayama

The Studio

The Studio

We want our studio not only to be a place where you come to practice yoga, but also to be a comfortable space where you can hang out, share your inspirations, and meet wonderful like-minded people.  Welcome to the Hot Yoga West community!

Studio Etiquette

Our studio offers a full range of amenities for your comfort and convenience.

  • Spacious practice room that accommodates 25 students
  • State of the art heating system with continuous air-exchange
  • Quality flooring that is hygienic and very comfortable for practice
  • A chill-out space to connect with your fellow yogis
  • Toilets and shower facilities
  • Lockers to store your personal belongings
  • A boutique selling clothing, mats, water bottles and other various yoga-related items
  • King Island coconut water and GetRaw food bars to help you rehydrate and refuel

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