Studio Pranayama

Studio Etiquette

Our goal is to create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere in which to practice Bikram Yoga. In order to accomplish this we ask that all those attending adhere to our yoga etiquette at the studio.

Before Class

      • Arrive on Time: The studio will open 20 minutes before the scheduled class. Reception will close 5 minutes before class starts to allow for enough time for students to prepare and be ready before the teacher enters the yoga room.
      • Sign In: Please make sure you sign in before class. Otherwise we may accidentally charge you for a missed class. .
      • Mobile-free Zone: Please turn off your mobile phone before entering the studio to help maintain a peaceful atmosphere.
      • Personal Belongings: Please leave them in the changing rooms or in the lockers provided. No mobile phones in the yoga room.
      • Perfumes:As some of our students may be sensitive or allergic, please avoid wearing strong perfumes/deodorants in class.

During Class

      • Know that everything you do in the room affects everyone around you.
      • Maintain Silence in Yoga Room: Enjoy and respect the SILENCE in the yoga room, before and after class. Walk in and out of the yoga room quietly and close the yoga room door QUIETLY when you enter and leave.
      • Mat Space: Place your mat mindfully, maintain a line with other students and make sure you see yourself in the mirror. Work together to create a pleasant environment for everyone to enjoy yoga class.
      • Front Row: The front row helps to lead the class so if you put your mat there we ask that you set an example for those around you. If it is your first time or you are working through any injuries, please practice in the second or third row.
      • Water: If required, the best time to drink water is between sets of postures. Try to avoid drinking water during the first three postures as you are working on warming up your body and cold water slows down this process.
      • Stay in the Yoga Room: Stay in the yoga room for the duration of the class unless it is an emergency. Feel free to take a break if you need, but leaving class is very disruptive to other students.

After Class

      • Relaxation Inside Yoga Room: Stay in the yoga room in the final relaxation pose (Savasana) for as long as you need to cool down and allow your breathing and heart rate to return to normal. Make sure to maintain silence after class, and please wait until the teacher has left the room before you get up.
      • Sweat: This is of course a very natural part of the Bikram yoga experience, but if you find you leave a big wet puddle behind, please use the blue buckets outside the yoga room to help you clean up. There are also towel rags in the cleaning closet if you need.
      • Relaxation Outside Yoga Room: We always have time for students. We have a lounge area where you can cool down after class. Time to mingle, pick up tips, meet new yogi friends or just enjoy the rush of endorphins through your body!
      • Showers: When people are waiting please keep showers short and sweet!

Above all, enjoy! Thank you for helping us to create a comfortable atmosphere at the studio and we hope that you will have a positive experience and leave feeling relaxed and uplifted.